Analysis Paralysis and Imposter Syndrome in SEO

As a full time Technical SEO and sometimes web dev, I spend A LOT of time reading, researching and planning to do things, and then a small portion of time actually doing the thing I’ve been preparing to do. 

This isn’t bad, but it is interesting. 

Today I started an on-site optimization project and found myself with a little bit of Analysis Paralysis. 

I’ve been doing SEO for 5 years or so now, so I’m not new to on-site optimization, but I found myself jumping back and forth between articles and tools trying to figure out the best entry point and best way to dive in. 

After almost an hour of that, I found myself already knee deep into the on-site optimization, not even realizing I had gotten there. 

I think what happened was I found something interesting, a tool that would really help facilitate the on-site optimization of 1800+ pages and just got sucked in. 

I think sometimes I get so worried that I’ll do something wrong and have to back track or that I don’t actually know what I’m doing that I have a hard time jumping in. 

The trick for me in these scenarios is to close the blogs and the how to’s and just start. 

Some of the best knowledge one can acquire is experience. 

So even if I dive into this enormous project and half way through realize I should have done it another way, it’s still better for me to have started and learned that. 

That’s not something one can learn from a guide, but you can by doing it. 

The other consolation I take is that I was hired by very impressive and competent people, who I respect enormously, to do this job. 

So I take their confidence in me and I say to myself, “no one knows this website better than you. No one could do as good a job as you, even if you aren’t the smartest or greatest out there, you know this better than anyone.” 

Take comfort in your Analysis Paralysis and realize that the best person for the task in front of you, is you. 

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